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March 11 2014

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March 07 2014

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Germany invades Poland… again.
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February 28 2014

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Jimmy’s wearing Shaq’s jacket and it might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. 

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Omg hahaha this is so true!!!

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February 22 2014

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/int/ - International
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February 21 2014

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I should have it embroidered on my suit
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I left my husband with our 1.5 year old for a couple hours and he taught her about the comedic value of farts.

- tumblr pictures

- lol rofl wtf pics

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today in religion we were talking about angels and our religion teacher said whoever can name the most angels gets five extra credit points on the test and all these kids tried and they only named like two but when I went I named nine and my teacher started to cry because she thought I was this huge religion and angel lover when really I just know the angels names from evangelion

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February 18 2014

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February 16 2014

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the motto

the school system summed up in 2 sentences. 

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